Mutual Touching

To touch or not to touch? We believe in a kindness of strangers and beautiful friendships. We all need love and tenderness in this crazy energetic city. Let's share pleasure and intimate moments. Hush now...


We are proud of what we do. When you come to us, we want to make sure it feels right for you. We have a clean private shower available for our guests, we have soft romantic music in a background and candlelight during our famous sessions.

Last Minute

We are able to facilitate you on the last minute notice. Just give us a call and we'll make sure you feel our touch as soon as possible. We are in Manhattan. Convenient, safe and discreet locations. Now call to book your appointment.

Body Rub New York city

Nuru Slide

The most intimate..  the most fun massage! The whole hour of body to body experience! Slide up .. slide down.. We forgot to mention - you both absolutely naked.

Double Trouble

Double the fun! Invite third model to join! Two smiles, two bodies, 4 talented hands. Feel like a king in your own kingdom. Erotic hour - double pleasure.

Sensual massage NYC
Nuru massage

Massage Her

Sometimes you just need to explore... Book 'Massage her' session to travel to the land of Pleasure. Make her moan.. Maker her body shiver..

Tantra massage

Get absolutely delighted with a session of tantra massage in New York. Relax your body and enhance your energy with this Indian procedure.

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Sensual massage

Sensual massage in Manhattan is a procedure which is in many ways similar to a conventional therapeutic technique.

Happy ending massage

Start with a simple massage, relax your muscles and get unforgettable feelings in the end of the session with a happy ending massage under the dimmed lights.


Next Steps...

Now when you all horned up it's time to make an appointment. Choose the model you like and type of session you're in the mood for. We are ready for you.

New York City Body Rubs

The masseuse knows which points to press. Only an experienced specialist will be able to show you the highest class. Sensations are noticeable for the whole organism as a whole. Plunge into the world of bliss with Erotic Massage In New York. We are available also for a couples massage.

Happy Ending Massage Body Rub

The resumption of feelings after full body massage in New York is guaranteed. You need a body rub if you are shy; have problems understanding your loved one; want to get rid of everyday problems. Erotic body rub is a luxurious body massage for real men who appreciate in massage not only sex but also a nice happy ending massage. Body rub NYC and Nuru NY massage is one of the most sensual bodywork methods. It is aimed at relaxing the body and releasing it from negative energy. Not every massage parlor has it in its list of services. During the procedure, the client receives a singular feeling and discharges the entire body. New York City body rubs are magical. Our studio of pleasure and wellness will not only allow you to relax and unwind but also approach your desired level of pleasure! The cost of the massage will not let you worry about the state of the wallet. Remember who you are and relax a bit from the busy schedule and go to one of our salons for the happy ending massage in New York City.

Nuru Massage New York City

Tantra massage. The origins

Tantra massage was born in Ancient India as a spiritual ritual. The tantra session is unusual in everything. This technique focuses on massaging many of the nerve endings that are present in the erogenous zones of the body. Such relaxation enhances human energy capabilities.

The art of tantra massage in New York has been perfected over the centuries. If you've never tried it, you won't understand what this amazing practice means. It reveals your energy and helps you enjoy your life.

What are the advantages of tantra massage?

Tantra is a tactile practice that is like meditation. You rest, but at the same time, all your feelings are exacerbated to the limit. But the main mission is to bring about spiritual growth, harmonization of emotional state, improvement of physical well-being. After a session, there is an incredible rise of vivacity and strength, a sense of inner freedom, the desire to live bright and joyful.

During a session, muscles relax, but at the same time sharpen to the limit - full satisfaction. The tenderness of girls' hands, light touches excite every cell of the male body.

What are the features of sensual massage?

Hand movements should be calm, continuous and stroking so that the person does not feel even the slightest discomfort during the procedure. During a session of sensual massage in New York City, the masseuse uses aromatic oils, applies them to the skin to make the movements soft.

For a complete immersion in the world of ecstasy, the room should be dimly lit and candles are recommended. Light and slow music are also appropriate in the background.

The massage starts with the back. The specialist goes from the lower back to the beginning of the neck. Then goes to the tips of the fingers, reaches the waist of the lower or upper limbs. Then the professional goes to the neck. The girl comes down from the neck to the shoulders in the course of the main muscles.

Why is happy ending massage so wonderful?

Tender and gentle touches can restore vitality in a few minutes. And if you use intense caresses, you can achieve an unprecedented bliss! This is why happy ending massage is so popular among men. After all, it takes a spicy path from excitement to relaxation.

The process itself is based on "interaction" with a beautiful naked masseuse. Have you already imagined how you will choose a girl and privacy with her behind closed doors? You have every opportunity to realize what you want.

How do masseuses prepare?

First, the masseuses create an atmosphere. They dim the lights - the lighting in the room should be soft and comfortable. They include soft, relaxing music. You can ask a specialist to light aromatic candles. After that, they prepare massage oil so that the client likes its fragrance.

Are you nervous after the meeting? Don't you like the weather outside your window? Our specialists from NYC will help you forget about everything!